New Video: Omarion – ‘Word 4 Word’

Omarion has been traveling the world and shooting music videos whenever he gets a chance. After exploring South Africa in the videos for ‘Distance‘ and ‘BDY On Me‘, he’s back with a new single and accompanying clip, ‘Word 4 Word’.


This time, the dancer travels to Japan where he explores some landmarks and tourist attractions. He then embarks on a journey of self-discovery in the culturally rich country. Talking to Complex, O discussed the inspiration behind the music video: “They have masters in kendo, called a dan, and the highest level is like a dan ten,” he said. “But you can’t even really start to become a dan until you’re like 40 years old. And it teaches you about yourself. The strikes are personal; a strike is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. Some of that culture is in the video and it mirrors the lyrics of ‘Word for Word.'”

The song is expected to appear on his forthcoming new album Reasons, which is coming soon. Watch it below.

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