Listen To MF Doom’s ‘True Lightyears’ Feat. Jay Electronica, The First Single from Upcoming KMD Album

Last week, it was announced that Adult Swim will be releasing The Missing Notebook Rhymes where they will unveil 15 new MF Doom tracks over the next 15 weeks. It started with the Sean Price featured ‘Negus’ but today, they go even further with the debut of ‘True Lightyears’ featuring none other than Jay Electronica.


If you’re aware of Doom’s history, you’d know that the rapper, real name Daniel Dumile, was born in London and raised in New York who first went by the name of Zev Love X. He was a founding member of the golden-era Hip-Hop group KMD. The group also included Zev Love’s brother DJ Subroc, who tragically died in a car accident just before the release of their second album, Black Bastards in 1993.

This week, we get to hear ‘True Lightyears’ in its proper quality for the first time (via NPR). The song surfaced last year but we were asked to remove the audio by his team shortly after. This song also serves as the first single off KMD’s upcoming comeback album Crack In Time, to be released latre this year by Metalface/Nature Sounds.

Listen here if the player below doesn’t work for you.

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