Migos Says 50 Cent is The 2Pac & Biggie of Their Generation

Migos is one of the biggest artists in Hip-Hop right now and they are not running around without paying dues. The trio, who has one of the covers for XXL’s special 20th anniversary edition, talks to the magazine about their success, East Coast’s influence on rap music, where they see Hip-Hop going 20 years from now and more.


Migos also talked about 50 Cent’s influence in the game, comparing him to The Notorious B.I.G. and 2 Pac’s aura in the previous generation.

“I think 50 Cent brought a lot of gangsta shit to hip-hop,” said Quavo. “He made it more acceptable. I heard it was scaring the officers and all that. But they had to accept it, he had the hits. Especially for our generation. You know everybody say ’Pac and Biggie, that’s the same situation for our generation,” continued Offset.

If asked if 50 was the ‘Pac and Biggie of their generation, Offset answered in the affirmative: “Yeah, I’ll give that to the OG. He made it through, kept going. Gone to corporate.” Quavo also chimed in with the comparison, “who knows if ’Pac was alive, which lane he would’ve switched over to. It’s only right, he doing the same thing. ’Pac was doing movies, [50’s] doing movies. Same thing.”

Watch the chat below.

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