Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Interview with Howard Stern

Kendrick Lamar has had a crazy year with his album DAMN. album grabbing GRAMMY nominations and topping year end lists of many outlets and fans.


Today, the Compton rapper sat down with the veteran Howard Stern on SriusXM for a long interview where he spoke on a lot of stuff like life growing up, why he didn’t join a gang, his father’s old connection with Top Dawg (the famous KFC story he rapped about on ‘DUCKWORTH’) , how he chooses his collaborations, his anthem ‘Alright’, “K.Dot” being his alter ego, being spiritualĀ  and much more.

One of the craziest stories was when Kendrick revealed that he saw an alien when he was six years old, “I remember this and words can’t describe it. It’s just a surreal moment.” K.Dot also talks about the ‘Control’ verse, saying he likes being competitive and was not from a place of ill-will. Kendrick spoke about collaborating with Taylor Swift on ‘Bad Blood’ and the potential Prince collaboration that never happened. The Purple One was a fan of his song ‘Complexion’ when the rapper played it for him at his estate but due to busy schedules, they couldn’t get it done.

Kendrick named Anita Baker as one artist that he would love to work with. Listen to the full interview below. The chat begins at 41 minute mark in the first clip.

UPDATE: The full interview is no longer available but you can listen to a few clips below.

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