Future To Release ‘Beast Mode 2’ This Week?

Every time the new year rolls around, there’s some hints about Future releasing a new project and people forget that he traditionally releases a project in January every year. F.B.G.: The Movie, Beast Mode and Purple Reign are just some of the projects he’s released at the top of the year in the past few years.


Future has teased that there’ll once again be something coming soon by deleting all of the pictures on his IG account. But that’s not all of the information we have.

The tweet below is actually Zaytoven’s pinned tweet. Could he be hinting that a Beast Mode sequel is on the way? There were rumours we’d get one in 2016 so we know it was worked on.

Someone also caught a screenshot of someone from Future’s crew pointing out the third anniversary of the first tape and saying “it’s time”, perhaps implying the second is coming soon.

Zay and Future were seen together recently too and Future put two fingers up, tying things together a little more.


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If it were true, we’d assume it’s be released on iTunes at the end of the week on the evening of the 18th. Either way, we’re bound to get new Future music soon so stay tuned for updates.

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