Bryson Tiller Says His Album ‘True To Self’ Underperformed Because He Was Under Depression

Bryson Tiller took to social media to clear a few things late last night.


In a response to a Twitter user who brought up some of his recent tweets to convey that the singer-rapper was in a depressed state, Tiller issued some clarity on his current state. He admitted that he was in a depressed state when he made his sophomore album True To Self and that we can “hear it in the music.” He went on to say that the album didn’t sell as well as the debut set Trapsoul because of his depressed state. True To Self moved 107k copies in the first week and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 but didn’t get the response that Trapsoul did.

This is not the first time he has spoken on depression. In an interview with Tim Westwood in December, he had revealed that he was in a dark place following the release of Trapsoul. “I was in a dark, dark place after Trapsoul, so I don’t know, I wanted to start over and I just don’t feel like I made it yet.”

But Tiller finished off his tweet with some good news. He said: “depression ended in 2017 and i been workin hard ever since. stay tuned,” — a clear sign that he will release new music soon. He signed off by telling fans: “just wanted to clear up any confusion on my current state of mind. love y’all.”

Stay tuned for new Bryson Tiller music.

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