Maxwell Announces New Album ‘NIGHT’; Shares First Single ‘Shame’

UPDATE (Oct 17): Almost two weeks later, Maxwell has shared the official music video.


Previous story (Oct. 5) Maxwell has been teasing the release of new music for a while but tonight, he finally takes action and drops the brand new single ‘Shame’.

‘Shame’ will be the lead single off the veteran singer’s forthcoming new album NIGHT which is due out early 2019 via Columbia Records. It will mark the final installment in the BLACKSUMMERSNIGHT trilogy series that started in 2009 with BLACKsummers’night and continued with 2016’s blackSUMMERS’night.

“‘Shame’ is a modern love song. Not just romantic love, but love for self and others. Social media has created an alternate world where people watch everything you do, including your failures. They even often feel a sense of joy in your pain. This creates a barrier to real intimacy because we’re preoccupied with appearances; with measuring up to what society thinks we should be, how we should look, what we should have and what we should aspire to. The song is about removing that mask of expectation and letting go of the shame of being real and vulnerable. The shadow of shame can only be broken when we unveil ourselves, and recognize that we that we are all human—flawed yet perfect, broken yet stronger with each obstacle,” Maxwell said in the press release.

Listen to the excellent new track above. Maxwell is currently performing across the U.S. for his 50 Intimate Nights Live tour.

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