MTV interviews Kanye West and Mr. Hudson

From MTV News :


What could the extravagant Louis Vuitton Don have in store for his artist Mr Hudson? The British vocalist said that several months ago, Kanye West came into the studio and told him he had a “gift” for him.

“A new Jesus piece?” Hudson thought. Nope. “A hand-me-down Jaguar?” Nah.

It was a record that had the potential to be a hit. West simply told the engineer in the studio to press play, and out of the speakers came the chorus for a song the two wound up collaborating on: “Supernova.”

” ‘Supernova,’ it’s a co-write,” Hudson explained, sitting in the Beverly Hills Hotel a few days ago. “I think our head space, we kinda overlapped with similar emotions about things when we were hanging out last summer. I think we both could relate to the lyrics, so we built it together. Kanye brought in the chorus. We brought the verses up together.”

Kanye and Hudson were shooting the video for their song, which is the first single from the singer’s U.S. debut.

“What’s cool is, Kanye met my music before he met me,” Hudson said of their relationship. ” … I wouldn’t have gone up to Kanye in a club and said, ‘Here is my CD, you’ve gotta listen to it.’ That isn’t my style. I made my first album in London. It didn’t get released in the States, but somehow he got a copy, which meant that when Kanye was in London promoting Graduation, we were introduced briefly. A year later, I was in Paris on holiday. I got a call coming in to the office: ‘Here is a contract.’ “

Last November, ‘Ye told Mixtape Monday that his new signee had the potential to be “bigger” than he is. Hudson appreciated the compliment but said it is a lot of pressure.

“Yeah, it’s really annoying, actually,” he smiled. “Now I got loads of work to do to try and live up to that.”

“Yeah, that was, like, wack,” Kanye said of his previous statement.

“I shouldn’t have said all that to try and put all that pressure on you,” ‘Ye continued, talking to Hudson. “That’s one of the problems. On one hand, when you sign with an established person, you get all the limelight, the shine. On the other hand, you’ve got all the pressure. Then you deal with some of the baggage. You buy into some of the fans and you buy into some of the enemies. I think he’ll be able to surpass all of that with his talent.