[Saturday Spotlight] Nick Carter Green, Futura, & Elmer Abapo

Now that the hype for DAMN. has died down…wait, you say it hasn’t? Good. Music needs to be discussed and listened to for more than a 48 hour period. Scott, one of our esteemed writers, did a piece on the “classic vs trash” debate that is held online every single day. The article is eye opening in how we digest music in this digital age and can serve as a wake up call for how you listen to music. I discovered a few artists who made me have their songs on repeat most of the week when going through submissions and I’m sharing them with you below. Want to make my head nod to your music this week? Here are our submission guidelines.



Nick Carter Green

Artists make songs for the opposite sex all the time. Chicago’s Nick Carter Green is no different except his is part ballad, part Hip-Hop. “Breanna” contains a sample from Mary J. Blige’s “I Can Love You” that serves as the chorus as Green gets seductive in talking to, and about, “Breanna”. His vocal range is great as the song builds up towards the end, giving you the feeling of a guy running to catch his love before she boards the plane at the end of a movie.




The story of Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records has been a fixation of the Hip-Hop community for quite some time. We’re well aware of Birdman’s business practices and the last person we thought he would do this to was Weezy. Columbus, OH’s Futura created “Dear Carter” to tell the story of Cash Money Records based on his understanding of the label as a fan. The CashMoneyAp produced cut hits hard and has Futura giving us lots of vocal runs as he proclaims his fandom to Weezy F. Baby and the record label that took over for da 99’s AND da 2000’s.


Elmer Abapo

Las Vegas’ sports scene is growing so why shouldn’t the music scene? Meet Elmer Abapo, an artist from Sin City who’s ready to make it known for more than it’s casinos. “Wasting No Time” is a story about Abapo ready to take his music to the next level as him and featured artist Nikko Dator rap walking through an IKEA. The production is funky and his melodies on the chorus are bound to get stuck in your head.


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