[Saturday Spotlight] T-Jones, Charles Edward, & Sam-C

This week I decided to make things easier on myself in the submission process. Instead of waiting until I have free time during the weekend and making my inbox look bloated, I decided to take an hour out of the day to listen to submissions and provide feedback on all of the records submitted. While we can’t post everyone, I feel it’s important to at least get a response for your submission. Want my take on your song? Here are our submission guidelines.




When you hear music it should give you a feeling. You can tell when an artist has put every ounce of emotion into a record just by how it sounds. T-Jones uses his past to celebrate the now with ‘Champ’. The Missouri based artist offers a message of positivity over trap production as he refuses to give up until he’s known as the best in the world.



Charles Edward

Involved with the entertainment industry as an actor since the age of 6, Charles Edward knows how to create a great video. ‘Sweet Love Story’ is the tale of two kids who fall in love in elementary school and examines how the relationship changes over the years. Charles tells the story from his perspective, showing how chaotic love can be for a teenager once rejection sets in. The twist ending is great and I love how the video tells a progressive story yet stays in the moment at the same time.





As you can tell, the theme for this week’s post is about storytelling. Baltimore, MD’s Sam-C gives us a video and song that do both. ‘Lost Ones’ sees Sam spitting from his perspective about people that he may or may not have lost that influenced this record. The video does a fantastic job of showcasing Sam’s lyrics while showing shots of him remembering these people during scenes in a church and a cemetery.