[Saturday Spotlight] Jay Savior, Erica Mason, & Uncle TreY

We can officially stop discussing “summer songs” as of this weekend. Labor Day weekend is upon us and depending where you’re at in the country, you might be feeling ready for fall after a long and hot summer. For myself that won’t happen because Florida has two seasons: hot and Hell. Just because a season is over doesn’t mean we won’t stop getting great music though. This week we highlight three artists who talk relationships in their own creative ways with each differing song. Think you have what it takes to get in the spotlight? Submit your music here.



Jay Savior

Summer romance usually turns to fall heartbreak. That’s how it goes in your early 20’s. New York’s Jay Savior explores this concept for his latest single, ‘Meet Again’. The Azi featured record, with its soft keys and crisp kick drums tackles the end of a relationship and the “let’s talk” phase that follows after the initial breakup. I said summer romance usually turns to fall heartbreak; sometimes it can lead to more love in the fall if it’s played out right.



Erica Mason

You could say that Jay Savior’s record above is answered by a lady with a song of her own by Erica Mason. The two records are similar as Mason’s record explores the thoughts she has on wanting to work things out in her relationship. If you feel your loved one is worth it, you’ll stick around and try to ‘Work It Out’ as Erica suggests with upbeat production backing her on this fantastic single.



Uncle TreY

Where our previous two entries examine the possibility of working it out, Pennsylvania’s Uncle TreY tells us about dealing with heartbreak on ‘Nope’. The Lil’ Dan produced cut is somber with it’s piano keys as TreY goes on a drinking binge and naming all the liquors that have given him thoughts about his ex. “Jack said win her back/Johnnie keep it too raw…Jose said forget her/cause feelings overrated” he rhymes at the end of the record, exploring a night of binge drinking and the emotions that come with it.


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