[Saturday Spotlight] Supa Dupa Humble, Pick Patek, & Ro$$ Mac

When I’m curating Saturday Spotlight I look for a few things to help make my decision. It’s a tough choice to select a handful out of dozens of emails I receive every day, adding up to hundreds a week. The first thing is if the song is catchy or relatable. Does it stand out or sound like everything else? From there I make sure to check and see if I have everything I need in the email to publish the post. If not I have to ask the artist to send over information. Make sure your emails adhere to our submission guidelines; it helps make it easier on us! Think you can make it on next week’s post? Submit here.



Supa Dupa Humble

Starting as a DJ, Supa Dupa Humble eventually made the transition to becoming an artist. ‘I’m Michael Jackson’ is a catchy track about living the lifestyle while shot with bright colors in the streets of New York late at night. The record features Merty Shango and proves to be a fun time as you get to know what type of artist Humble has become since ending his time spinning records.



Pick Patek

Philadelphia was always known as a gruff and street sounding city thanks to State Property. Now days there are a melting pot of different styles to come from the City of Brotherly Love. Pick Patek represents a more laid back and lyrical style in the video for ‘Off White’. Shot beautifully on the rooftops of the city, Pick shows no fear and talks to us about evolving since his beginning days as a 5th grader writing music.



Ro$$ Mac

Our next video has us jumping from the rooftops of Philly to Chicago as we get to party with Ro$$ Mac in ‘Solo’. Mac, a former Ivy Leaguer who works on Wall Street during the day, stunts and struts in the midst of the party as he shows us that a day job can’t stop him from pursuing his dreams.




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