[Saturday Spotlight] James Gardin and M-Dot

Have you ever had one of those weeks that takes forever to finish and you’re just excited about one thing? This week I picked up a cold and it seemed like every day was the longest day of the year. One of the few things to get me through? The release of Young Thug & Future’s album along with discovering some new music to highlight for our Saturday Spotlight section. Think you’re ready for the spotlight? Submit here.



James Gardin


The irony of how we complain all the time yet take things for granted. Michigan artist James Gardin advises us to trust the process and plan that was designed for our lives with his latest, ‘Complaining’. Gardin’s latest has a dance groove to it as he masks his message with a catchy beat and flow. Be grateful for the things you have in life because someone else is wishing they had what you do at this very moment.




I love tracks that tell a story. What makes them even better is when the artist enhances the song with a video that shows his lyrics from beginning to end. Boston artist M-Dot achieves this goal with the video for ‘Chrissy’. The standout song from his egO anD The eneMy album tells the story of a girl who grows up and travels down a dark path as an adult, looking for the next high to keep her going. Producer Buckwild captures the exact tone needed to pull off a song like this and director Don Chito does the same for the video quality.