[Saturday Spotlight] Sivion, John Alex Harper, & King Babs

To be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more songs that relate to Halloween this week. The one holiday that artists can fully take advantage of and I didn’t hear a single scary song. It’s ok because I’ve had a good time going through all of the records this week. Think you’re ready to be featured on our Saturday Spotlight series? Submit your music here.




The world is big and it’s easy to feel alone. You can go off into a dark place mentally and while your friends and family can still interact with you, you still feel trapped inside of a cell that only you know how to break away from. Sivion talks about dealing with life with nobody able to help but God on this excellent record produced by Sebastian Hochstein.



John Alex Harper

One of my favorite things is when a lyrical artist hops on trap production. You could say it’s more of a guilty pleasure but I feel a lot of lyrical artists have what it takes to demolish beats with rapid hi-hats and thundering drums. Charlotte, NC’s John Alex Harper proves he has what it takes to make a catchy song with ‘Channel Flippin’, produced by Drae Da Skimask. John takes a fun flow and makes a song that will make you nod your head and run it back a few times.



King Babs

My favorite thing about this week’s post is the songs I liked didn’t fit a particular theme. All of them sound different, as is the case with King Babs ‘Free Day’. The Dallas, TX based artist creates a melodic record in the hopes of grabbing attention for everyone who’s excited to have a day off. The video for ‘Free Day’ takes us on a journey with Babs and his crew, including featured artist Tobi Fadeyi, as they show us how they spend a free day in the city of Dallas.