[Saturday Spotlight] Flatline Nizzy & Bry

Halloween has come and gone which means we’re less than 2 months away from the end of 2017. I’m honestly shocked there haven’t been more songs about my favorite holiday but it’s ok. I was able to find a couple of gems through the submissions this week and I’ll just have to be content with highlighting those for the weekend. Think you can make the cut for next week’s list? Submit here and please be sure to include as much information as possible (including social media).



Flatline Nizzy

Snoop and Pharrell’s ‘Beautiful’ is one of the best summer songs in Hip-Hop history. Pittsburgh’s Flatline Nizzy knows how catchy the melody is and samples it for his rendition of ‘Favorite’ with featured singer M. Tomlin. Sounding like a song perfect for summer, Nizzy and Tomlin make a track to pull your girl (or guy) in close and serenade them to while dancing slow and having fun for a few minutes.





Subconsciously I must be missing summer because both records we’re highlighting this week have a summer time feel to them. Bry, a 21 year old, knows how to create a catchy song and melody as he displays on the Mantra produced ‘Wild’. We get to hear Bry do his best to seduce his lady over what could have been a Top 40 crossover smash with the music climate this summer. Now you get to enjoy it regardless of the seasons changing.