J. Cole Reveals New Album ‘K.O.D.’ Will Be Out This Week

Earlier in the day, J. Cole changed his avis on Twitter and Instagram which led people to believe that either he’d once again been hacked, or new music was coming. A few hours later, he told people to line up at a venue in New York and that things were going to be on a first come, first serve basis, a little like his Dollar & A Dream shows – but no-one really knew what he was going to perform.


The event just ended and it turns out that it was a listening session for his brand new album which is titled K.O.D.! B. Dot from RapRadar points out that this means three things: Kids On Drugs, King Overdose and Kill Our Demons. A theme in the album seems to be medication, explaining the purple header and avatars on social media.


Some people who attended the event managed to sneak their phones in and so some snippets are floating around. One confirmed track title is the outro, ‘1985’. There are about 12 songs. There are no features on the album for the third time in a row. The production seems to be a little more 808 heavy than some of his previous work which is a delight to many fans. Cole has officially revealed that it will be out this Thursday.

UPDATE: Listen to snippets of two songs from the listening session below.