Frank Ocean Debuts New Music At PrEP+ Party

Last night in New York City, Frank Ocean hosted the opening night of a queer club that intended to pay “homage to what could have been of the 1980sā€™ NYC club scene if (HIV prevention drugs) had been invented in that era”. It was called PrEP+, in reference to the drug pre-exposure prophylaxis.


The rules were that no phones were allowed inside the club so fans put two and two together and that it could be anything from the start of a roll out to an album listening party. Especially considering what he told W Mag in his recent interview, that his newer music is influenced by “iterations of nightlife”. Turns out the truth was somewhere in between.

Frank debuted a few new songs that we have snippet of through producer Sango Beats. Of course when it comes to Frank, this means little to nothing in terms of when we can expect to hear something in studio quality but we’re hopeful nonetheless. You can listen to the snippets below.