Drake – ‘Fear’ (Instrumental)

I guess you were looking for this? I love this beat. No homo.


Props to DJ Khalil, he killed this.

Fear (Instrumental)

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  • This dude DJ khalil more than killed it. I’m surprised Drake complemented it so well. From a producer’s point-of-view, Khalil completely captured that whole “So Far Gone” feel from the previous mixtape. I hope Drake doesn’t think people are actually going to pay $10 for 1 additional song though… lol! Anyway nice find AJ!!

  • Pestrator

    Thx for findin this
    but um can u please please upload it onto zshare or another place cause i cant dl it from the website u have it up
    ty bro
    big time props

  • Pestrator, I did it on Zshare.

  • Da Usual Suspect

    yo this site is off da hook! conscious linez reppin da [N]erdz clique down in south africa you know what it is!