Slim The Mobster Talks Working On ‘Detox’ & Penning ‘Kush’

Aftermath / Shady / G-Unit artist Slim The Mobster talks to Dub CNN about writing majority of Dre’s Detox which he says is finished. He also discusses getting his big break with Dre, working on his debut and much more. A transcript of the video can be found after the jump.


Part 2 of the interview will be released next week.

Dubcnn: I’m here with the one and only Slim the Mobster.

Slim the Mobster: What’s up with it. How y’all?

Dubcnn: We’re good. It’s a pleasure to be here with you, in exclusive company. Tell us what is going on with you right now.

Slim the Mobster: Currently working on my album, now. We done with Dr. Dre’s album. That’s a good thing. We waiting on all the singles to come out, I got a little influence on that. That’s always good. We got Em getting ready to get on his stuff. You know how that go.

Dubcnn: Tell us how much of an involvement did you have on that project with Dre?

Slim the Mobster: I had a lot to do with it on different levels. It was certain songs that I probably didn’t write on, but I probably chose the beat. I got a lot of different elements on that album. That album and my album’s gonna two totally different vibes. So that’s gonna be the biggest transition. For the shit that you hear with him and me – I gotta couple great records with him that’s gonna be on that album. But I think what I’m about to do is gonna be different. It’s gonna be like Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Not music wise – I got some of the same elements. Shout out to Sha Money. I wan tit to be different at the time, the element of music – the way everybody is sounding and looking right now, I ain’t gonna do that.

Dubcnn: How did you get started doing music form south central and how did you end up here with one of the biggest figures in hip hop and music history?

Slim the Mobster: One of? He’s the biggest. I started in music not as serious as I should’ve been from the beginning. I got ADD, I’m easily distracted. I was rappin’ for a minutes. I was in certain situations, but nothing serious. It just got to a point where at first I was like, “Fuck rap, I wanna sell dope, I wanna be a hustler, etc”. It was period in my life where both were happening at the same time. I was doing good in the street and I was doing good with the music. Bt you can’t serve two gods. So that pushed me to take music more seriously. And as I started taking music more seriously – the funniest shit in the world, I swear to God. I’ve never told anyone in the world this. I took my CD to Dr. Dre’s studio at the time. I actually was passing that studio on my way to go buy some materials that I was hustling with, to send my shit out of town. And it just so happened that there was a little box shipping place right next to his studio. And I’m telling my boy, “Man I wish where that nigga studio is”. And my boy he fuck with the music and shit, “I know where it’s at. It’s right there”. “Man we got to go over there”. And we went – I left my CD to one of his security guards. He gave me a week in the studio by myself. And I was doing two and three ideas a night. One time I remember he called me he was like, “Man what kind of drugs you on?”. What you mean what kind of drugs I’m on? I’m motivated by money. I need to feed my kids fast. That’s how it all started. He pulled up in the process of me leaving my CD with the security. I hit the lottery. I left my number on a lottery ticket, he called me in a matter of minutes. I wasn’t even three streets away from the studio before I got a phone call from his assistant, “Yo he wanna fuck with you”. As he showed me that he was serious about he the more serious I had to get about it. So I just left all the bullshit alone. And not to mention he a real dude. Fuck what any nigga say. I caught two gun cases back to back and he didn’t leave me. I was a problem. When you think about it, he can call jay-z, I need you to record lyrics for this record and it’s done. So here I am, in the middle of two things. It’s gonna be around, it’s just how we do it now. I gotta outthink these fools. Every rapper in the world would love to be in my shoes. I know that so I just gotta be a little smarter than them. Some of ‘em been in my shoes. Either they feet got too big or the shoes got too small.

Dubcnn: We heard the music, the very little that you did put out. You did a track with Glasses. Tell us about how that came about.

Slim the Mobster: That was one of the first records I ever did with Dr. Dre. Muthafuckin’ Streets. I was at the studio, I just kept listening to it over and over, and I was like damn, who can I put on here. I just called him and was like wassup cuz, come fuck with me. He came, he laid it, and Dre was like, “Oh I like that.” And it leaked. A lot of the things that got leaked, they put Bishop Lamont name on, that was me. 26s scrub, so forgive me for the noise. For those people who thought my range wasn’t on 6’s buddy big boy shit goin’ on over here. It was a leak, actually the record came out when I was finishing up one of my sentences for one of the gun cases I was talking about. Dre came to see me and he told me, “Hey your record came they leaked it. I actually ran into dudes in jail who knew the song word to word. For me that was my experience with a fan. I don’t really consider myself having fans right now because I’m not heavy into the mixtape scene, I’m not a club type person. This is my lead off right here, which I’m doing with Dubcnn, couple little websites. This is home, so they gon’ get the first right of refusal.

Dubcnn: You’ve been releasing very little. Tell us about why you’re doing that and how you’re controlling it.

Slim the Mobster; The reason I’m doing it is because, I don’t want to over-saturate myself and I don’t wanna be done fast. I don’t want my best records to be on my mixtape. When a motherfucker get my mixtape it’s not gonna be any records that I bank on. It’s gonna be the things that I feel like I can release with no problems because it’s so political right now. And I feel like it maintains my value, because when you get a Slim the Mobster record you gonna get a Slim the Mobster record. And not to mention it took my boss 11 years to put a record out so I’m just following suit, I’m not rushing. Plus I got, I’m set. I can’t say I’m set, but I’m definitely not at all worried. I don’t know what the other people was doing when they was here, or how they was doing what they was doing… I hope they bought a million houses or something, but that’s how it is right now with me. I’m just trying to keep my mystique and make ‘em like, “Oooh.” ‘Cause the things they heard so far, they probably don’t even know, most of those records is years old. But that’s the good thing about having good music when it’s new to you, it’s new to you. It don’t sound like I recorded it years ago.

Dubcnn: As far as your career, do you have a lot of freedom about how you go about it?

Slim the Mobster: Yeah, I was able to grasp my own situation ‘cause I did put out my own mixtape, which was part of the reason that really got him fuckin’ with me. Shout out to DJ Clue. He did my first mixtape. I was low key kind of signed behind that. That mixtape sold millions and millions, whatever the numbers the best mixtapes did, my mixtape did better than any mixtape ever. So that’s always a good look. How many artists that got mixtapes got signed from their mixtapes, I did. It’s not televised or public as the next person but that’s what I did.

Dubcnn: Musically, where are you coming from? Where is your project gonna be centered around? The Detox album, I’m sure they’re related but different.

Slim the Mobster: It’s gonna have its similarities, and the difference is… I’m in my own space. The shit I talk about is the shit Dre can’t talk about, the shit Dre won’t talk about. And the shit Dre talk about is the shit I can’t talk about because I haven’t done it yet. Same with me the things I talk about it’s kind of untouchable to him because he already talked about it. My album is gonna be like an NWA album, you gonna hear some shit that’s real. It ain’t gonna be a Dr. Dre album, it’s gonna be a real joint.

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