Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told (Album Cover & Track List)

And here are the details available 2 months in advance of the album release. Saigon will finally get to tell his story on February 15th, 2011. The standard edition has 16 tracks but you will get 6 bonus ones when you buy the album directly from the label. Majority of production by Just Blaze.


1. Station Identification (Intro) Feat Fatman Scoop Produced By Just Blaze
2. The Invita Saigon Feat Q Tip And Fatman Scoop (B. Carenard Nogias Music BMI) Produced by Just Blaze
3. Come On Baby feat Swizz Beatz and Jay Z (B. Carenard, K. Dean. S. Carter J. Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
4. War (B. Carenard M. Shemer) Produced by Scram Jones
5. Enemies (B. Carenard D. Allen) Produced by D. Allen
6. Friends (B. Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
7. The Greatest story Never Told (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
8. Clap feat. Faith Evans (B. Carenrd F. Evans. J. Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
9. Preacher (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
10. It’s Alright feat. Marsha Ambrosios (B. Carenard M.Ambrosios J.Smith K.West) Produced by Kanye West
11. Believe It (B.Carenard J.Smith) Produced by Just Blaze
12. Give It To Me Feat Raheem DeVaughn (B.Carenard R. DeVaughn) Produced by SC
13. What The Lovers Do feat Devin The Dude (B.Carenard) Produced by Red Spyda
14. Better Way feat Layzie Bone (B. Carenard) Produced by Just Blaze
15. Oh Yeah (Our Babies) (B. Carenard) Produced by Buckwild
16. Bring Me Down (B.Carenard D. Corbett) Produced by D.J. Corbett

UPDATE: Check out the updated tracklisting here.

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