Lupe Fiasco On Why He Hates ‘Lasers’

In a very interesting interview with Complex, Lupe explains his love / hate relationship with his new album Lasers hitting stores on March 8th and how he was forced to record ‘The Show Goes On’ by Atlantic Records. I guess the gripe is still there with the label which is no good news for his future projects.

“One thing I try to stress about this project is, I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record—which is something I can’t separate—I hate this album. A lot of the songs that are on the album, I’m kinda neutral to. Not that I don’t like them, or that I hate them, it’s just I know the process that went behind it. I know the sneaky business deal that went down behind this song, or the artist or singer or songwriter who wrote this hook and didn’t want to give me this song in the first place. So when I have that kind of knowledge behind it, I’m just kind of neutral to it like, ‘Another day, another dollar.’ As opposed something like The Cool, which is more of my own blood, sweat, and tears, and my own control. With this record, I’m little bit more neutral as to the love for the record.

On ‘The Show Goes On’:

“There’s nothing really to tell about that record, to be honest. I didn’t have nothing to do with that record. That was the label’s record. That wasn’t like I knew the producer or knew the writer or anything like that. That was one of those records the record company gave me, [they even gave me] stuff they wanted me to rap about. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey I did this and I went to a mountain and found inspiration and it was this.’ [Last April] I was backstage at a show at the House of Blues in L.A. and the president of [Atlantic Records] came to me and said, ‘Hey check this out, I got this song.’ He played ‘Show Goes On’ for me on the iPod. I was used to it because they presented me like ten other songs in the same fashion or via email. So for me, at that point, it was just another record like, ‘Is this a song you want me to do?’ There was nothing special about it for me at that point. It was like, ‘You know we still want off the label, right?’ That was the conversations we were having.

Is this the right time for Lupe to have conversations like these?

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  • shake

    lol damn

  • its STUPID to say things like this on your album release week. cmon Lupe!!

  • so i guess we shouldn’t buy the album? whats the point to cop it if the man himself hates it… Lupe is right about everything he says, hell maybe this is the master plan: a failed album which would force Atlantic to drop him which is all this man wants. I SEE YOU LU!

  • for the record I’m still gonna buy it March 8th first thing when Best Buy opens its doors lol

  • FredRico

    Wow… I can only imagine how fed up he must be to act so recklessly.
    Yet, I’m glad to know the story behind the fvcking “Show goes on”, my least favorite Lupe record ever… -_-‘

    Congratulations on the blog, by the way! Much better than the most popular ones, yet without the pain of not having Lupe… thank you very much, and keep the amazing work!

  • jwiii

    At this point, he’s just trying to get dropped so he can release the music he wants to.

  • Arthur

    I think it’s the right time for him to say this. Why pretend to like a album? He wants the music he like to write. Lupe always gets respect from me because he such a true person at heart, but even though I heard Lasers is not his best work i’m still gonna support him because i been a big fan since day 1 and not gonna change that because of Atlantic records messing up his style of music.

  • Larry

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