Rick Ross’ Twitter Account Hacked

Late last night, Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s followers were shocked to see Rick Ross’ twitter account name listed as ’50 Cent’ with the same profile image & description as the real 50 Cent. After a few episodes of hilarity, it became clear without a doubt that Rozay’s account had been hacked by someone. The label also addressed the situation a few hours ago.

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  • cloudert

    hahahahah this fuckin funny dawg

  • http://google.com landlord

    Wwwwonder how much 50 paid to the guy who did this, smh.

  • http://tiny.cc/Justp94 Justin T. Poindexter

    I guess this is what happens when Cop-turned-Gangsta’s get hacked Hahahahha

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  • Makavee

    Yes d f*ckin cop turn wrapper, mind not rapper deserves more dan dat

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