9th Wonder Not Feeling ‘Watch The Throne’

Producer & Professor 9th Wonder made some interesting comments on Twitter last night about how he wasn’t feeling the most hyped album in a while.


Thank you God for giving me the ability to listen to music objectively, despite how big the artist is…Lemme tell yall something, I am not a follower, never will be, if something is dope, cool, if not, then cool, but I don’t follow. #STANDTALL. #WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with New Day & The Joy. I understand expansion/experimentation in music, but its not for me…..It has nothing to do with samples vs. keys…cause I ROCKS with The Neptunes, Swizz, etc….As a musician/beatmaker/active participant in hip-hop, I want to be SCARED when I hear something, like when I heard Aquemini….It has nothing to with the STYLE of rap, subject matter, NOTHING..its the FEELING for me..u can KILL 50 people in a song as long as it bangs.

If you have an opinion about Watch The Throne as well — whether positive or negative, please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

  • anonymous

    i love new day, no church in the wild, the joy, thats my bitch…lift off didnt live up to the hype but its ok, otis is a good intro track before the album, H.A.M isnt good at all…its very messy with the most typical lex luger beat. welcome to the jungle is pretty good and the rest i still hav to give a proper listen but overall so far it hasnt lived up to the hype but its still a solid old school rap album :) worth the buy and people will buy this whether they like the music or not because its jay z and kanye and beyonce is on there…

  • countin money

    dope fucking album. Production is high class, rapping muderous

  • Paul

    So far I like around 10 songs from the album. It isn’t amazing or mind blowing or a classic, it is just a good album. To me it was worth the wait, only one thing wasn’t and that was Lift Off. Other than that, the album is good, not bad or horrible, just good and decent. I’m letting it grow on me, my opinion might change about some songs.

  • FredRico

    I just smh @ so many people acting all arrogant, condescending and cynical over this album, when it’s an obvious undeniable classic. Ya, right, it’s not that good! XD pffffhahaha, sure.

    It’s particularly sad to see some people so close-minded in the great albums/acts from the past. It’s sadder because it’s people who have actually listened to great hip-hop music, but still fail to recognize when something similar or better is done. Worse, you have it set that no one, nothing can ever top “Wu-Tang, Illmatic, Aquemini, Michael Jordan”, completely biased. Why the fuck not?

    Kanye said it best once, that in every field, like technology, health, etc, people always want better, and work for that to achieve that, but when someone says they want to be the next Elvis, people go like “are you crazy?”. Kanye wants to be Elvis, so the least we could do is appreciate this masterpiece and shut the fuck up about the past. It CAN be surpassed! It’s just been.

    But today, no matter what comes out, people always want to act “cool” and be the one who didn’t love something. It’s funny that people have been saying that Section 80 is better (and I love that album), but there’s also people that say it’s trash. So, the problem is not in neither one of those, but in the pathetic people of today, that only want attention by denying greatness.

  • chtimixeur

    I think it’s particularly bland and generic. To me, that’s not hip-hop the way I envision it. The beats are awful to say the least… I had trouble finishing most of the songs : I expect way better material coming from those guys. But since Jay-Z and Kany are involved, most hipsters will call it a classic on day one (SMH).

    Whatever, I trust my ears, and they “tell” me this album doesn’t deserve my attention anymore.

  • bylaw99

    This has to stop with all the cheerleaders on this site..I’ve listened to this album twice over and I fail to see the classic in it. Coming from Blueprint 3 and MDTSF this is not what hiphop fans invision when they see 2 “Icons” coming together. Em & Royce Bad Meets Evil is a better hiphop album this sounds like Jay jumped on a Kanye album.

  • G5

    absolutely c/s with @bylaw99

  • Some people are afraid of change. An artist experiments, and sways off the typical “rap” & “hip hop” beats and all of a sudden he’s a sellout or “trying to be too different. However the reality is, that Hip Hop along with every other genre has changed, and will continue going through an evolution. Jay z is considered a legend, and I call Kanye the “evil scientist” of the rap game. These two were meant to make an ill concoction, everyone expected the BEST from the Best. Let me tell ya’ they didn’t come short. Something new, & refreshing.

  • pILLpusha

    Feel like its a decent album but not great. . .rhymes dope, beats are alright. There are some dope joints on there but was expecting a bit more. Sounds more blueprint 3 than anything else but its alright, not great just good

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  • Its funny. Everybody gets so touchy about EVERYBODY ELSE’S opinion. We are all at liberty to love, like or hate any album (including pre-dubbed classics such as “Watch The Throne”). I for one am a big fan of Kanye West and Jay Z. I “like” the album. Its not a classic to me. I’m a bigger fan of Jay Z’s “Blueprint 3” and Kanye’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. I think Kanye is a brilliant executive/album producer. But WTT just doesn’t seem like it had a enough time to really develop as a truly classic hip hop album. Maybe the demand for this collaboration was too great, hence making the album more rushed, idk. Both artist’s previous albums appear to have had more time/consideration put into them creatively. WTT has many tracks that appear to be left offs of Kanye’s last album (notice all the same co-producers appear on WTT, possibly songs that didn’t make Kanye’s album). Creatively look at Kanye’s last album…look at the video for “Power” (whew). Look at the video/mini-movie for “Runaway”. Then look at the video for “Otis” or reminisce about the flop of a song that “H.A.M” was…I’m just saying. It’s a good album, some of the songs are really jammin’. “Otis”, “New Day” and “No Church in the Wild” are my favorites. But it is my humble opinion that it is a take it or leave it album. It is not a game-changing classic. Its good enough to get but not too good to skip.