Bow Wow – ‘Ima Stunt’ (Feat. Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled & 2 Chainz)

2 Chain?


Bow Wow drops the anticipated collaboration with Lil Wayne which will be featured on his forthcoming mixtape Greenlight 4. I will never understand the intention behind a DJ Khaled guest appearance.

Download here – Ima Stunt (Feat. Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled & 2 Chainz)

  • ymcmb

    2 chian is Titty boi from Playaz circle

  • ^ I know 2 Chainz but I dont know “2 Chain” or like you said “2 chian”

  • rozay

    haha what a fail smh

  • Capo

    This track is old as hell. Been in my pc since early 2009.

  • It’s stupid when artist’s go by different names…it just confuses people as to what they want to be called…Killa Mike, Mike Bigga? that lasted long.