Jay-Z Comments On Lil Wayne’s Diss On ‘It’s Good’

Jay-Z has finally broken his silence on the back and forth subliminal lyrical jabs between Lil Wayne and himself. MTV caught up with Jigga man at the Shawn Carter Foundation’s Making the Ordinary Extraordinary carnival last Thursday and like he always downplays, here’s what he had to simply say:


“That’s sport, that’s rap music. Nothing is going to change but the participants. I don’t even see why that’s news.”



  • BWS

    what kind of fucked up answer was that?? scared nigga?

  • Booboo

    Lol at him, if it’s a sport then the appropriate answer is to punch back, not to duck down..

  • blood game

    pussy ass jay z fuck you you ant real so fuck off

  • G

    i actually AGREE with joe the camel….it is what it is….what u want him to say…ima go kill him or beat him up…jay z is 40 years old….it is what it is, jay will prolly take some kind of shot in another track, its the nature of the rap game/sport