50 Cent – ‘Stop Crying’

Here we go. The first release off 50’s upcoming The Big 10 mixtape (We doubt it’s an “EP”). Album can be expected top of 2012. Below is a message that comes along with the track from the General. Produced by !llmind.


You have to look at everything very closely that do from this moment on. Tonight track 1. STOP CRYING were all gonna die. #SK BIG 10. You fools think I need a buzz lol. I’m the GENERAL in hiphop what they call a war is a walk in a park for me. You’ll see hahaha streetking. Stop crying pay attention to details in art. Why this song first cause this is the BIG 10. If U look close U will find the names of several great generals in my face. I have no eyes, no windows 2 my soul. This Is coldest sh*t. I had to use a BIG line its THE BIG 10 1. STOP CRYING I’m on some other sh*t. Ill remind U why iv gone DIAMOND twice. Street King.

Download here – Stop Crying


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