Yelawolf Talks Problems With Shady Records & Interscope

Another week, another artist having a problem with their major label. Yela called into All Out Show on Shade 45 and spoke to Rude Jude & Lord Sear about his upcoming The Heart Of Dixie project with Alabama producer M16 which drops on Wednesday.


Yela was also clear to admit that he’s not on the same page as his label Shady Records and Interscope Records saying “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing up there..I love Shady Records, I just think there’s some shit going on upstairs.” In addition to that, the Alabama rapper revealed that his sophomore album Love Story has been delayed to 2013.

That’s not it. Here’s what he had to say about Machine Gun Kelly:

“It’s probably the most insulting thing on the planet to be asked to sign a Machine Gun Kelly autograph.”

  • kaoz

    Fuck Jimmy Iovine, fuck em all

  • Fanbase

    Hell yeah Yeller! Can’t wait for these mixtapes. Interscope will get their AR together eventually. You should just call Em and tell him to handle it (if you haven’t already).

    “Everything I Love the Most”
    “Write Your Name”
    “Good Girl”
    “Hard White”*
    “Throw it Up”*

    …could all easily be on FM radio and just KILL the airwaves. Not exactly my favorite songs (Radio and Animal are dope af), but definitely being slept on by lemming radio DJs.

    Shame, really. Can’t wait for Trunk Muzic III. Could it be another classic?

    *may have too many curse words to qualify for mainstream radio play. By the way, when exactly did MTV stop playing music videos? Swear it must have been like 5 years ago. Anyway……….

  • Fanbase

    Oh and- I think most would agree, the first two songs of Radioactive, while not (100%*) radio-friendly, are the among the best songs on the album.

    *Imagine a truck driver/driver going on 38 hours without sleep, listening to the radio then hearing Yelawolf’s Radioactive LP intro… LOL.


  • tune

    yela doesnt sound like he’s a star.. corporations need the assurance to be able to spend their $

  • aizikace

    yo… whatever tha prb is, i believe you try to let #1 know about what’s goin on with ya. and one more thing; yelawolf you are one of the illest alive… love your music man… lookin forward to your next album.

  • IshCray

    He’s not getting promoted because nobody wants to listen to his arrogant cracker ish. Fool gave himself a crown when he signed to Shady, problem is that everyone else can see it made out of tin foil. And he need to get off the MGK thing. The 22 year old kid told Rosenberg two weeks ago that it was over. This clownhat looks like a defensive fool admitting that people ask him to sign MGKs autograph. Grow up with your 35 year old self.

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  • HUMPER613613
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