50 Cent Explains Making Of ‘New Day’ (Video)

50 takes himself on top of a NYC high rise to explain the making of his latest single ‘New Day‘ in detail. 50 tells the entire story of working on the song with Dre & Alicia Keys and how the latter ended up putting her own version of the song, prematurely. ‘New Day’ was the most added song on radio in the week of its release which is available now on iTunes. Street King Immortal is due in stores on November 13th.


Sidebar: Lyrics video | Alternate version

  • Man

    I hope this song does well cuz its the best single fif put out since curtis days.

    Its hot for sure cant deny that

  • jadrianww

    did he say “immaturely”? or do u mean ‘prematurely’ Nav?

  • Yikes, I meant prematurely. Thanks for pointing out.

  • countin money

    watch this song go BIG and every hater fall back on the bandwagon. roflllll

  • carlukio

    50 that nigga!

  • 2Ballz2DaChin

    I like both versions of the song, with that being said I have high hopes for your new album… But jeez 50 how many times can you say the words “ACTUAL” & “ACTUALLY”??? My dude, you say it a lot of fucking times, actually at least 30 times in every interview lol

  • lol @2ballz2dachin, yeah he does say actually a lot but you get used to it after a while.