Game Changes 5th Album Title

From Soundtrack To Chaos to F.I.V.E and now another change in album title for Game. The rapper has revealed to Vibe that he has officially scrapped F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution title of his 5th album in favor of Jesus Piece. The album is set for a late 2012 release with ‘Celebration‘ serving as the first official single.


“Trey Songz came with his album Chapter V, and of course 50 had 5 (Murder by Numbers), I just felt like I should jump off that wagon. So I went back into the studio and started doing songs that leaned more towards the title. I think people gon’ appreciate the concept once they hear the music.”

“I wanted this album to supersede what The Documentary did lyrically. Every time someone walks into the studio and listens—from Wayne, to Ross to Khaled—everybody says ‘that’s the Hurricane.’ That makes me feel like I’m the old Game again. I’m just happy because I was able to find that creative space. I’m having fun.”

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