Max B’s Murder Conviction Upheld

Bad news for Max B. An appeals court has upheld his murder conviction and 75 year sentence for his role in a deadly 2006 robbery at a Fort Lee hotel. The Harlem rapper whose real name is Charly Wingate had appealed against the order of Bergen County Superior Court judge on the basis that it had erred by not granting a request to separate his charge from that of his accomplice, Kelvin Leerdam.


Wingate, now 34, was convicted in 2009 after a jury found that he had dispatched Leerdam, his stepbrother, and his girlfriend Gina Conway to a Holiday Inn on Route 4 to rob two men, Allan Plowden and David Taylor. During the attempted robbery, Leerdam shot Taylor, killing him.

It is being reported that he won’t be eligible for parole from Trenton State Prison where he is locked up until November 9, 2042.


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