Rick Ross ‘God Forgives I Don’t’ First Week Projections

These are the figures we all have been waiting for and arguing about about since past few weeks. Rick Ross’ heavily promoted 5th studio album God Forgives I Don’t has received mixed reaction from fans & critics but generally on the positive side. According to HDD, it is projected to sell a solid 200-220k copies in the first week at retail, good enough to earn him a number 1 spot on Billboard Hot 200 next week.


Let’s see how Rozay is set to perform in comparison to his last album Teflon Don and his last real rival Young Jeezy’s latest TM103.

Teflon Don 1st week: 176k
Thug Motivation 103 1st week: 233k

What do you guys think?

  • a

    i think u gotta stop reachin for the comparisons wit ross and ppl who hate him (and u like, since ur always tryin to prove it on twitter). no one’s even mentioning jeezy’s sales right now…

  • jamie

    ^ im DEFINITELY comparing his with jeezy’s last. quite obvious…

  • yung moolah

    @a the fact that you thought hes hatin on ross when he actually isnt makes youuuu reaching dumb ass.

    anywho those are solid #s for Ross

  • a

    @yung moolah, i follow navjosh on twitter, im not assumin he’s hatin i kno. he always drops random jabs at ross, even when completely unrelated. but i get it, he’S a 50 fan. and dont get me wrong, i like 50 too, but navjosh talks trash bout other sites that blatantly support certain artists, but then he’s pretty much a 50cent newsfeed.

    and b4 u say, why do i follow him, its cuz this site is dope regardless. nad his opinion on OTHER artists r usually unbiased

  • a

    @jamie do u compare every album 50 drops wit Kanye’s numbers? every album clipse/pusha t drops wit wayne?

    How bout a comparison wit Nas’s life is good that dropped a cpl weeks ago that ‘true hip hop heads’ claim to luv, but not support that much. that’s a more valid comparison versus an album from last yr that no one talks bout anymore

  • yung moolah

    “but navjosh talks trash bout other sites that blatantly support certain artists”

    cmon b, never!!!!

    and a comparison b/w jeezy n ross is absolutely valid, u just not gettin the point.

    look at XXL too, its what everybody is talkin about (except u of course) http://www.xxlmag.com/video/2012/07/will-rick-rosss-god-forgives-i-dont-outsell-young-jeezys-tm103/

  • G5

    its the “rivalry” which justifies the comparisons…… my whole TL last week was talking about if he will oustell Young It aint a random pick imo. Fuck, ross doing good.

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  • seemoregan


    I follow NavJosh on twitter too and I’m sure he “hearts” 50. Dude is a little to bias towards 50 and he definitely hates Ross but honestly it’s needed. I’m glad Nav doesn’t follow the masses with this fake Ross. It’s clear Ross is supported by the industry and not the fans. Dude does not sell the units he should be selling. Ross should go Gold first week with the support he receives and in his battle with 50 he clearly lost but the industry had to keep him alive. I never seen so much praise for a n*gga that is no where near Banks let alone 50 as an artist and Banks has something Ross doesn’t have… a platinum plaque from record sales. Hell even Yayo has that and we know Jeezy has multiple.

  • wow I was expectin around 170. Good for him.

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  • 7 #1’s

    Rick Ross has 7 #1 Rap Albums including the 2 Self Made’s. He cemented his legacy. Oh and NavJosh, it hasn’t been receiving Mixed Reviews, according to meta critic, it’s got UNIVERSAL ACCLAIM. Haha Blog that Bitch!!!!!

  • triedge

    Well its kinda true he likes 50 , but then again its not like he can’t express his opinion on his own blog. Regardless , these are good numbers for Ross , and as always the beats are on point for most tracks which is what i like about him. Dude knows how to pick beats.
    @ seemoregan : How Yayo has a Platinum plaque tho is beyond me.

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  • Whoa

    didnt like this ross album…just my opinion, i have liked a few of his albums in the past…just not feeling this one, its like hes in a coma rapping….monotone, slow beats, a lot of RNB features….etc

  • O’Lord

    just shows u how many fake people there are in this world when ross out sells nas……obvious the fake’s are buying ross cuz real niggaz stay away……….

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  • @7 #1’s: it’s easy to be #1 when mainstream artists don’t drop anything. Haven’t you noticed it till now? Strange.

    And @a: He’s comparin’ Ross to Jeezy cause Ross said he was gonna do bigger numbers than Jeezy, and Jeezy was finished.

    Btw, that’s kinda fishy to me. How can you do 170K when you released 6-7 flopped singles? Please somebody tell me.

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  • T

    Ross is all hype…lyrically challenged with great production….and how can u compare him to Jeezy who has 3 platinum plaques and Ross has 0….the fuck..????…He failed to sale more than Jeezy once again cause he’s all hype and real recognize real….

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