Ryan Leslie – Les Is More (Album Cover & Track List)

Ryan Leslie goes for a simple yet unusual artwork of his 3rd major studio album Les Is More which hits stores on October 23rd via NextSelection Lifestyle Group/Sony RED. The cover bears a look of the artist name and title embroidered on a cloth, which should stand apart from the other CD covers on the stores shelves. Since it’s a “visual” album, expect about 6 more videos to impact soon.


UPDATE: We have the track list as well. Also, below is the explanation of the artwork. Royal treatment.

1. Glory
2. Beautiful Lie
3. Good Girl
4. 5 Minute Freshen Up
5. Dress You to Undress You
6. Maybachs & Diamonds
7. Swiss Francs
8. Ups & Downs (Prelude)
9. Ups & Downs
10. Ready or Not
11. Lovers & Mountains
12. The Black Flag
13. Joan of Arc
14. Beautiful Lie (Remix) (Feat. Fabolous)
+ 7 Music Videos + 3 Live Performance Videos

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