[Saturday Spotlight] J. Nolan – ‘Breakdown’

What’s up readers! We hope your weekend is off to a good start. We bring you another installment of Saturday Spotlight — our standout pick from the numerous submissions we received this week. We don’t want you to stop submitting to us so if you still haven’t done so, hit this link for details.


Please proceed below to listen to today’s artist under the spotlight, J. Nolan.

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J. Nolan is a 23 year old Hip-Hop artist from New Haven, CT and currently residing in Atlanta. He’s already earned praise from a few industry heavyweights like 9th Wonder and Don Cannon — we can hear why. Below, you can listen to his latest single ‘Breakdown’, featuring a sick beat and plenty of intelligent rhymes. If you like what you’re listening to, visit his official Bandcamp page to discover more.

  • guap

    Pretty dope.

  • jamie

    i like the sound

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