50 Cent Imitates Lil Wayne’s Court Deposition & Talks Truce With Fat Joe

On a recent visit to Paris to promote SMS Audio, 50 Cent sat down with French media outlet Booska-P for a 25 minute interview. In part 1 above, 50 speaks on some of his fans who haven’t progressed with him as he would like, bloggers, sound of Street King Immortal and being a fan of some of Drake’s material.


In Part 2 posted after the jump, 50 speaks a lil bit about the cycle of trends in music, why he feels he’s just getting started as far as achievements is concerned, if he’s satisfied with performance of ‘New Day’, truce with Fat Joe and more. At the end of the chat, he also indirectly speaks on having Gunplay’s MMG chain and finishes it off by imitating Lil Wayne’s infamous & hilarious court deposition. This is 50.

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