Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay $1 Million For Recovered Laptop; Covers New York Post

R Les is learning the hard way. Armin Augstein, a 52-year-old German who found Ryan Leslie’s stolen laptop had sought $1 million fee plus interest in a suit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.


Back in January 2011, Armin had recovered R Les’ Macbook in a park in Stommlerbusch, near Cologne which was stolen from back of the singer’s Mercedes at a concert tour stop in Cologne in October, 2010. He had then asked for his $1 million reward as promised by Ryan Leslie. However, the singer-producer-rapper apparently backed out from his promise which resulted in the lawsuit which the Jury decided against him yesterday.

R Les’ contention for not paying the promised amount to the German was that several unreleased multitrack songs stored on the hard drive were inaccessible by him later when he retrieved the computer. Ryan told NY Post that he will consider going for an appeal.


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