Young Dro Changes Name To 3Krazy

Young Dro has announced that he is going to change his stage name to 3Krazy. Dro didn’t give any reasoning for the move but announced the news on his Twitter page in the following words. The ATL rapper has been struggling to release an album for years now. Hopefully, new name will bring him some new cheer.


PSA NO Longer am I the artist “young dro” I’m officially #3krazy you can call me three u can call me krazy anything but young dro.

3krazy music group is official and I own it so any talent that wana work foreal and u serious about music join 3krazy music group. We gone start from the bottom to the top WORK and u don’t like it get in da box ima Rap circles around u wi da flow. Every thing 3krazy over here I gota model team #3krazy merch t shirts hoodies all dat build my empire in yall face. I’m scouting for 3krazy chics it don’t matter wat u look like pretty skinny fat fine I got shirt for ya.

Spotted at RR

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