D.R.U.G.S Beats – ‘Cry Cry Cry’

This release has nothing to do with today being 12-12-12 but we thought it was time for another taste from D.R.U.G.S. Beats‘ upcoming HHNM presented beat tape, Sonically Yours. The sample? Michael Jackson’s ‘It’s The Falling In Love‘ which appeared on his 1979 album Off The Wall. Yeah, it’s chopped crazy. Listen to believe.

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  • fan

    WOW….this shit incredible

  • Diggidy-DiGGz

    I haven’t heard one HOT beat from this producer you guys are spotlighting. You should spot light my production! Guaranteed, if you like his chopping, which sucks, you guys would probably offer me a production deal. I would bet any money on that!

  • G5


    Yo, this one’s dope for real, love it.

  • kaoz

    @Diggidy-DiGGz<—Bra, you 're probably a beatmaker from the south who thinks Lex Luger is god. This music from D.r.u.g.s is organic music bro, game changer music and what the game needs. With that said fuck your southern driven 808 beats, they messed up the game-wax and open your ears, pay attention.

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