The Game Goes To War Against Fox News & Reporter Michelle Malkin

The Game is on to something again. It all started when Fox News reporter Michelle Malkin made a blog post criticizing the album cover of Game’s latest album Jesus Piece (as seen above). After questioning the depiction of Jesus on the cover, she ended her article in the following words:


“Exit question: Would The Game dare to do to Allah what he did to Jesus Christ? Just asking, though we already know the answer.”

Jayceon caught wind of the article and immediately started off a storm, calling his fans to boycott the channel, most specifically Michelle Malkin. It wasn’t all peaceful as Game’s loyal fans went all the way to the level of threatening her with rape and even death.


After the break, Game explains his stand on the situation.

  • Koopa

    wow at those threats tho thats crazy!

  • Carlos

    Straight up Fox are racist. I think the album cover was stupid because he knew that he’d get this response but at the same time i understand it. Who’s to say this is Jesus, to me its just a black man with a bandanna and some tear drops, why isn’t he allowed to do that? Who decides what Jesus should look like, stupid or not no one can say that this is blasphemous because we have nothing to compare Jesus to. And lastly when i saw this cover i simply saw it as seeing as Game showing his impurties on the outside, like you know how people present themselves as holy but hide a lot of who they are, his basically saying i believe in Jesus but i go tats i’m gang affiliated and i smoke weed. Thats just me anyway, besides Fox will focus on what rappers do but not what comes out of their own production studios, like The Simpsons mocked Jesus several times, they have violent films but they focus on rappers all the time. Its a joke

  • What?

    That’s right who cares,……oh I guess all of @thegame followers do!

  • What?

    ….Fox is not racist…. watchin all those tweets last night…. I am really wondering though what’s up with black people…. your some militant sons a guns. Just cause I don’t like collard greens and corn bread does NOT mean I am racist though! PLay the race card all you want, doesn’t change the facts!