Lil Wayne Covers RESPECT. Magazine

lil wayne respect

YN puts Lil Wayne on the cover of latest issue of RESPECT. magazine which hits news stands on March 5th. Is he really one of Rap’s greatest? Tell us your view in the comment section.


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  • Thafuck

    Of course he one of raps greatest he changed the game

  • Of course he one of raps greatest

  • word

    if u look at his sales, yes. if u look at his inconsistency, no

  • Carlos

    One of the greatest within his generation for sure, his been a dominant figure in rap close to a decade now. From sales, to guess verses to classic albums and mixtapes waynes got a few. Even though he releases some utter foolishness wayne is a great artist

  • nate

    SUCCESSFUL person, sales wise and for a while popularity wise, but no recent artistic quality to be remembered as great

  • erwtwet

    He didn’t positively influence the game. He was successful at what he did but he didn’t contribute the kind of influence Pac, Jay, NaS, Biggie, Outkast and so on have contributed.

    YN is a dick rider so his wording on his magazines/sites are meant to have that “WTF R U SERIOUS?” factor.