The Truth With Elliott Wilson: What’s Eating Lil Wayne?

Tired of Lil Wayne’s antics and controversies? Elliott Wilson is too, and in his latest episode, he gives his 2 cents on his recent troubles. Easy, Weezy.


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  • Matt

    Sure, Lil Wayne’s actions have been questionable in recent months, but what about 50 Cent’s actions in recent years and beyond? Weezy needs no additional attention or publicity, whereas Fif’ has to spark controversy any time he’s getting ready to drop a project in order to get those extra looks, whether they’re wide-eyed or narrow-eyed looks.

    This website is ridiculous. Every time 50 Cent takes a dump and wipes his ass, a post is made and it’s updated and brought to the top when he finishes. The same goes for when Lil Wayne does or says something that’s less than spectacular.

    So much for impartial and objective journalism, if “journalism” is what you want to call this.

    Also, removing any sort of negative criticism of HipHop-N-More shows weakness and insecurity. You can keep this comment, show it, learn from it, and improve on it, or you can delete it (which you’re likely to do).