Jim Jones called into Jenny Boom Boom’s show recently and updated the audience on everything popping in his life right now. First off, Capo revealed that the new phenomenon ‘Harlem Shake’ was originally his song meant for DJ Pauly D’s upcoming album.

He also spoke on reality television and said most of it is black exploitation and people were selling their soul for peanuts. He also plugged in his new single ‘Green Light Go‘ and claimed that the Dipset Reunion will happen, that too in a bug way.

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6 Responses to “Jim Jones Reveals ‘Harlem Shake’ Was Originally His Record w/ DJ Pauly D; Says Dipset Reunion Still Happening”

  1. champion 07. Mar, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    wouldnt have been a hit if he rapped on it tho


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    […] Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” has taken on a life of its own (ironically one that has nothing to do with the actual Harlem Shake), but according to Jim Jones, the monster record was originally his. In an interview with Jenny Boom Boom, the Harlem MC revealed that he was sitting on the beat for about a year and it was intended for DJ Pauly D’s upcoming album. The version Jimmy recently released was the original record. Who knows whether it would have had the same impact. Well actually ["Harlem Shake"] was mine for a year, I had that record a year ago, it was supposed to be for Pauly D’s album and we never did nothing with it, so when I started to hear this “Harlem Shake” and I heard the beat, I’m like, “Damn, I had that beat already for a year,” so I just put the record out. Listen to Jim Jones’ full interview after the jump… (Via HHNM) […]

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