Justin Timberlake Skits & Performance On SNL

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Justin Timberlake will make his grand return to the music scene with his third album The 20/20 Experience on March 19th, which is fully produced by Timbaland. As part of his promotional campaign, Justin hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live tonight. He didn’t do it alone as some of the guest stars in the first skit included Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and more. Together, they formed the The Five-Timers club which was first introduced in 1990 when Tom Hanks hosted the show for the fifth time. The second skit was Veganville where JT did parodies to some popular songs including, ‘Harlem Shake’ & ‘All Gold Everything’ where he replaced “n***a n***a n***a” with “veggie veggie veggie”.


He later hit the stage to perform ‘Suit & Tie’ and brought Jay-Z (no surprise) to kick his guest verse. The actual surprise came when JT switched some lyrics on his second verse from “Sh*t so sick got a hit and picked up a habit” to “My hits so sick, got rappers acting dramatic” which was a clear shot at Kanye West. He followed it with a solid performance of ‘Mirrors’.

Watch the skits and performance below.

Veganville skit

The Five-Timers club skit

Suit & Tie


Via Neon & Yardie

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