MTV Hottest MCs In The Game #9: Future

MTV Hottest MCs In The Game list is always interesting and surely, this year is not going to be any different. Meek took the #10 spot and beating him by one is the hitmaker from ATL, Future. You may hate his off-key singing and auto-tune but you can’t deny the hits.


Whether it was the gold-selling, chart-topping syrupy ballad “Turn on the Lights,” the T.I.-backed “Magic” or the infectious “Same Damn Time,” Future seemed to have club staples on lock. But it was his guest spots on songs like Rihanna’s “Loveeeeeee Song” and Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” that helped create a sense that the Atlanta rapper/songwriter was omnipresent. “Love Me” is a top 10 Billboard hit, and if the Rihanna record ever gets released as a single, it has the potential to do the same.

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