The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Hottest MC in the Game Right Now?

Elliott Wilson takes on the Hottest MCs In The Game debate and crowns Future at #1. No YN, I can’t agree with you on this.

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  • #1 Drake
    #2 Kendrick Lamar
    #3 2 Chainz
    #4 Lil Wayne
    #5 A$AP Rocky
    #6 Future
    #7 Kanye West
    #8 Young Jeezy
    #9 Rick Ross
    #10 Big Sean
    #1000000000 50 Cent

  • G5

    ROFL at YN

  • a

    im curious, wut did he say that was not a fact? i dont really like future, but i cant really argue against wut was said here. he was right bout both the kendrick argument for wut should b a clear win on the mtv list and future for hottest on this very day