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Miguel and Kendrick are two of the most promising stars of today from the world of R&B and Rap, respectively. So VIBE has given them the front look of their new Big List issue which also includes a sit down with both artists together. Below is an excerpt but you can head here to read the full interview.


Who’s the artist that keeps you on your toes? Pushes you to go harder?

KENDRICK: My partner J. Cole is always keeping it to the point where you have to show and prove. My partner Drake kills it.

MIGUEL: What’s fucked up about R&B is that that camaraderie doesn’t exist. I don’t really know why.

KENDRICK: It definitely don’t.

MIGUEL: I wish I could be like “my partner” or “my homie,” but it’s not really like that. You could have a 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and A$AP Rocky record; they’re all different, but they’re new and dope. You can have that and everyone’s confident in their own uniqueness and appeal. I hope we can do that. In R&B, I have to pay attention to every male artist. Usher is a friend. Vocally there’s no one fucking with Usher right now in mainstream R&B. I’m always paying attention to his riffs, ’cause he’s always pushing himself. I’ve never heard Usher do one take of vocals the same. He’s insane. Obviously I’m paying attention to Frank or the Weeknd. Jesse Boykins, who is a friend as well, is another artist who’s doing something different, fresh and new.

Miguel’s cover after the break.

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