DJ Khaled Announces Release Date For ‘Suffering From Success’

Just a couple of days after releasing the video for ‘No New Friends’ featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, DJ Khaled has announced the release date for his next album Suffering From Success. In his usual boastful tone, Khaled claims the song will go #1 soon and that he has other “gifts” dropping soon before he finally releases the album on September 24th.


“My first single, ‘No New Friends,’ should tell you I’m not playing. Consider ‘No New Friends’ #1 already; that’s in the can. That’s going #1. That’s gone. That’s going to sell over a million, too easy; that’s what we do. That’s gonna be #1 any second, about to be gold any minute, about to platinum any week; I’m just telling you facts.”


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