J. Cole Goes On A Rant On Twitter

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J. Cole is usually a calm and composed person in public but late last night, he let a few things go off his chest on his Twitter. He ranted about sales projections that come out a day after a major album is released and took some shots at an unnamed “publication”. He then co-signed Chance The Rapper and gave props to Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Jay-Z and Drake.


Projections fucking up hip hop. First week tally’s fuckin up hip hop. Your 1 listen reviews are fucking up hip hop. To keep it real, your whole publication is fuckin up hip hop. Drake saving hip hop Hov Saving hip hop. Chance the rapper saving hip hop. k. Dot saving hip hop. Ab-soul saving hip hop. And more important than them niggas. The PEOPLE are saving hip hop. You niggas are Critics. Not fans. Fuck critics. The people decide. I’m not done. I was just celebrating my 2nd album. #notsupposedtobehere. Fayettenam. Tweeting from mobile web. Nothing gangsta bout that. so much to say not enough characters. Thank you. Long live hip hop beetch.

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