Frank Ocean Takes Shots At Chris Brown In ‘Versace’ Freestyle (Lyrics)

chris frank

We all know that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean don’t really get along well. And a testament to their cold relationship was Chris Brown remaining seated while Frank Ocean made his way to the stage to collect the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Channel ORANGE).

Earlier today, Frank released lyrics for his freestyle over Migos’ hit ‘Versace’ and one of the lines go: “You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy, your music is sloppy“.

Ouch. It will be interesting to see if the singer actually releases the audio for this.

frank ocean versace

  • champion

    wowwww hahaha

  • itsMe

    Album was overrated should’ve never got a Grammy, I would stayed seated too what’s the big deal….smh

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  • G5

    Wow thought yall was reaching but he did really take shots LOL

  • ertwet

    Channel Orange was overrated as fuck.

  • Zachary

    Frank ocean channel orange is one of the greatest albums from the last 5 years. Did Chris really think he’d beat frank? Chris brown and his generic music, get that shit outta here