Lupe Fiasco Criticises “Copy / Paste” Hip-Hop Bloggers & Journalists

lupe phoenix

Lupe Fiasco recently had an argument with XXL on Twitter (see the tweets after the jump) after he called them out for misquoting a story. Lupe is never one to shy away from openly criticizing people and organizations as we have witnessed a few times in the past.


The Chi town emcee recently had a show in Phoenix, Arizona as part of his Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour where he dropped by the local radio station to talk to Julian On The Radio. After discussing about his tour, Lupe spoke on the XXL controversy and explained his gripe with “copy / paste” bloggers and journalists who post stuff to make headlines without verifying facts.

Watch the interview and peep the XXL tweets after the jump.

lupe xxl 1
lupe xxl 2


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