50 Cent Explains ‘Animal Ambition’, ‘Teen Spirit’ Remix, Relationship w/ Lloyd Banks & More

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We have a couple of new interviews from 50 Cent.


He called DJ Whoo Kid earlier today and talked about his workout book Formula 50 & why it is important to stay fit, the upcoming Big Apple Boxing event from SMS Promotions in Resorts World Casino NYC in Jamaica, Queens, Paul Walker’s passing, how the G-Unit crew used to create songs and mixtapes in matter of days in early times, the state of Hip-Hop right now, Kanye West’s rants, thoughts on Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 and even a brief comment on his common flight with Ja Rule recently.

On Animal Ambition, he says the project is coming out sometime in January which will be followed by Street King Immortal and that the project will be full of inspiring songs.

In a separate interview with G-Unit family fansite, 50 spoke on music plans for 2014, how he always wanted banks and Yayo to create their own lanes, ‘The Pyscho’ featuring Eminem not being on SKI anymore, his favorite old school 50 Cent track and more.

Interview with DJ Whoo Kid


Interview with G-Unit fansite

GUF Team: Which feature guests and producers can your fans expect to hear on “SKI”?

50 Cent: I don’t want to let the cat out the bag but expect some motion picture shit.

GUF Team: A 20-second snippet of “The Psycho” has leaked into the internet and seems like a lot of your fans are hyped to hear the full record. Are you still planning to put it on your LP?

50 Cent: As of now “Psycho” is not on the actual album. I’m in a different space musically. I felt like I lost the record when it leaked without the proper marketing support following it.

GUF Team: It has been a while since we have seen you and Lloyd Banks together. He’s touring on his own, promoting his music by his own etc. People often ask you are still cool with each other. Please tell us something about that. Is there also a possibility to record a 3rd G-Unit album in the future?

50 Cent: When I got on and created the G-Unit brand I always wanted Banks and Yayo to create bigger opportunities for them, build their own teams as far as management, PR, etc and extend the brand as well as generating more outlets for themselves as men. I guess now they understand, so Banks and Yayo are doing it.

GUF Team: What’s your favorite 50 Cent “old school” record? (Before you got shot)

50 Cent: “As the World Turns” on Power of The Dollar.

GUF Team: Is there anything that you would like to tell your fans?

50 Cent: Thank You to those who have been supporting me thus far. I’m not going anywhere, my passion for music and creating is at an all-time high! Stay Tuned. 2014!

Full interview here

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